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The Reasons Online Casinos Use Bonuses

Bonuses at online casinos are incredibly important for a number of reasons. Firstly bonuses are used as marketing tools. If a couple of casinos are pitted against each other and they all offer the same software, the same selection of games, the same banking methods and the same levels of protection, the casinos will be able to set their bonus offers at their own desired amounts. This will result in the casino with the better bonuses being the one that will be chosen. Not all online casinos do have the same level of quality however so it is important to not only base the decision on who is offering the best bonuses and promotions.

Bonuses and special promotions are also used for new casinos that are in the market to attract new players and build up their reputation. The bonuses are generally the first eye catching aspect of an online casino which is why the bonuses and special promotions are being offered at competitive rates. Another important reason that healthy bonuses at online casinos are so important is the fact that online casinos are businesses that strive to keep their players satisfied and returning regularly.

The Benefits and Requirements of Bonuses

All online casinos have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to claiming bonuses or claiming winnings after using bonuses. These requirements are generally fair at reputable online casinos but it is important to thoroughly review these requirements before making any claims as some of the more disreputable casinos may expect unfair wagering and unnecessary requirements. The healthy bonuses at online casinos are not compulsory to claim but many of them do add extra value to money or allow free play while testing the specific games and online casino.

Different Types of Healthy Bonuses

Healthy bonuses at online casinos are those that truly add value and keep the players returning. Loyalty programmes are good ways to hold a players attention and they allow points to be earned by simply playing any of the games. Continuous play means more points which means more rewards and that makes for a winning situation for both the player and the online casino.

Welcome bonuses come in a variety of different ways, it is not really a case of simply joining up and receiving a lump sum. The healthy bonuses at online casinos which are welcoming are those that usually come with match deposits or no deposits. The no deposit is generally better as no money is required to begin playing at the online casino whereas the match deposits require a limited deposit amount. A percentage of the amount is then matched by the online casino. Some online casinos give 100% match bonuses while others will divide the match bonus percentage into the first four deposits.

Other healthy bonuses at online casinos include reload match bonuses, no deposit casinos bonuses, free spins, free poker chips and so on. These bonuses can be offered daily, weekly or monthly or at various random times and most reputable casinos update their bonuses and special promotions on a regular basis. Some online casinos offer bonuses like the refer a friend bonus where any type of bonus is given to the player when the friend makes their first deposit.