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Throwing Light on Enjoying Online Casino Games in Canada

Canada has a long history of enjoying games of chance. Although our first casino was only opened in 1989, in Winnipeg, indigenous Canadians were playing gambling games, like most cultures around the world, in the mists of prehistory. European settlement brought with it a range of games as well, from craps and poker to bingo, lotteries and charity raffles. Casino games online, available to Canadians since 1999, are the latest in a long line of gaming innovations, and possible the most welcome ever.

As much fun as a visit to a land-based casino can be, it also involves travel and time spent exposed outdoors. In the depths of an icy winter, this isn’t an appealing prospect. The much more attractive option is to stay cosy and snug at home, a hot beverage of choice on hand, playing casino games online from a laptop, mobile device or desktop.

Instant Availability Anytime a Plus

Canada’s land-based casinos are also subject to real-world physical constraints. In busy seasons, they can become crowded; players may find it hard to get a seat at a table or catch their favourite slot machine unoccupied. There are no belligerent drunks to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of casino games online, and no limit to the number of players who can be on the same games simultaneously.

Canadian gambling sites operate 24/7, so as long as you have an Internet connection, they can enjoy casino games online anywhere, whenever they want to. The best online casinos also provide customer service round the clock, through live chat with human operators. Review sites are a good place to compare the reputations of various casinos licensed for play in Canada, and they will often rank the most Canada-friendly options so that players know they will not encounter language, currency or banking obstacles.

A Wide Selection of Games Beckons

Variety is another big advantage enjoyed by casino games online. Hundreds of slots titles encompass any number of themes, with different reel configurations, bonus games and jackpot features. Video poker comes in all sorts of variations, including versions that allow bets on multiple hands at once.

Card and table casino games online offer an equally wide selection. Poker can be found in three-card, stud, draw and hold’em formats, with plenty of other variations, along with blackjack and its cousins pontoon or vingt et un; plus craps, American and European roulette, baccarat and more.

Bonuses are Exclusive to Casino Games Online

Perhaps the online casinos industry’s biggest edge over land-based casinos is its policy of giving players instant bonus rewards for playing. Newly registered players generally get a sign-up bonus, and bonus offers to existing players are also a regular feature.

Deposit matches, by which the casino increases the player’s deposit by a factor that can be as high as 300 per cent, are a common type of bonus, as are free spins on designated slot machines. Some bonuses are a set amount of money given to the player to bet with. When launching new games, it is common to offer a bonus by online or mobile casino like rated at this site to stimulate action on the unfamiliar title too.