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How RNG Works In Casino Games

Long before the world went digital, casinos made use of mechanical slot machines. People often thought that they could manipulate the machines with a continuous stream of coins to influence the pay-out. Another theory is that casinos would take control of the machines and monitor the number of coins present in the machine. This would prevent frequent cash outs.

Regardless of whether or not these theories are true, they’re no longer applicable in modern times as Random Number Generators became a software standard. This software was designed to ensure fairness by randomising the casino games.

What is RNG?

This program code makes use of the MD5 algorithm and incorporates it in all of the casino’s software. Its purpose is to randomly generate symbols and numbers that are used in casino games while reducing the risk of the outcomes being tampered with. The aim is to prevent repeat patterns and release different results with each draw. This is achieved using mathematical formulas and equations. The randomness of the online games needs to be in line with that of the physical casinos. Essentially, RNG needs to replace the dealer that would beat the casino.

Different types of RNG

You can find two types of RNG, namely Pseudorandom RNG and Hardware RNG. While the purpose is the same, the processes differ.

The Hardware RNG, also known as True RNG, is an external device that is plugged into the casino’s server. This acts as a chip that produces random numbers that are triggered by physical processes. It is often used in physical casinos and is safely stored inside of the machine – making it tamper-proof.

Pseudorandom RNG is more often used for online casinos and makes use of a mathematical algorithm as opposed to a physical device. This code determines the outcome of the numbers and as a result the games. It continuously produces random sequences to ensure the fairness of all games played.

The importance of using RNG

The RNG ensures that the games played are fair, random, and not at risk of being tampered with. Games are therefore unpredictable and keep players on their toes. It also prevents patterns from arising, making it easier for players to identify the key to winning.

Can you tell if a casino is using RNG?

Casinos need to comply with rules and regulations set out by online gaming regulatory bodies. In addition to obtaining a legal license, casinos need to ensure that all the games are random and fair.

Independent auditors are also used to test the RNG software being used by a casino and once they have determined that the game’s outcomes are completely random, the casino will receive a certificate of compliance. This is often displayed on the casino homepage, although to protect sensitive data, casinos only need to display the logo of the auditor and the seal of approval.

Fairness is a top priority

To put it simply, RNG ensures that gameplay is fair by utilising a system that can continuously produce random number sequences. When in doubt, look for the logo and seal of approval on the casino homepage.