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Strangest Gambling Traditions

Strangest Gambling Traditions

Friday the 13th, walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors and letting a black cat cross your path. Each of these things are considered unlucky by most people as a result of superstition while others believe it to be nonsense.

Following a similar train of thought, many gamblers have developed their own superstitions in an effort to ensure a win. While some are run of the mill lucky underwear or keychains, some people take it to a whole other level that can include smoked bird brains and penis shaped necklaces. With so much strangeness in the world, it’s difficult to choose only a few to feature. We’re up for the challenge and have compiled a weird list just for you.

5 Strange Gambling Traditions

1. The colour red

In China, many gamblers believe that the colour red is lucky when placing a bet. It’s so lucky that most Chinese gamblers find a way to wear red clothing, mostly underwear, when placing bets. The type of clothing or underwear doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you’re wearing read at the slot machine or card table.

2. Penis medallions

When it comes to extreme and strange traditions, Thailand is notorious for having weird and wonderful things to partake in. Gamblers often wear penis medallions as a good luck charm. The necklace is known as a Palad Khik which translates to honourable surrogate penis and they are not only lucky in online gambling casino sites games but are also believed to make you lucky with the ladies.

3. Voodoo

Many South African gamblers believe in the power of voodoo or “muti magic” when it comes to being lucky. In some cases, people go as far as to smoke dried vulture brains as it is believed to give them the power to predict lucky numbers and match outcomes. This practice is in such high demand that it’s even putting vultures on the verge of extinction.

4. Grooming

In India, gamblers have a reputation for being unkept and poorly groomed and while it may be untrue for some, there are many that will deliberately avoid grooming themselves on certain days. Superstitious gamblers believe that it’s unlucky to shave on a Tuesday or wash their hair on a Thursday – and don’t even think about cutting your nails on a Tuesday or Saturday.

5. Itchy palms

In America, itchy palms mean that you’re about to get some money and don’t necessarily mean that you’ve got some sort of disease. This belief is believed to have come from Africa as well as Native American myths.

Itchy Palms - Strangest Gambling Traditions

Some Traditions Are Weirder Than Others

Our list of the strangest gambling traditions should give you an idea of some of the weirdness out there. It also shows you just how far people are willing to go in pursuit of the jackpot. Who knows, maybe one of these options will be the answer to your gambling prayers.