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The Highest-Paying Slots Online

If you would like to have the best chance of winning at online slots, you need to take a few essential steps.  With so many slots out there on the Internet, you have more than sufficient options that you can choose from. Yes, you can look at the slot’s attraction in terms of animations, smoothness, gameplay or the variance. However, it is also essential to look at the RTP of the slot.


Each and every single slot machine which you play at an online casino will have their very own return-to-player (RTP) percentages attached to them. These figures will determine the odds of you making a profit during a session of you playing them. The higher that the RTP is, the lower the edge that the house has over you. As a result, you stand an improved chance of either walking away with a profit or, at the very least, minimising your losses.


Many slots on the Internet will readily display the RTP that their slots have or will allow the online casinos, who are hosting the slots, to show it. However, the other slots will not be quite as transparent as others and will make it more difficult for their RTPs to be known.


Mega Joker


Offering a stunning 99% RTP percentage, as well as a progressive jackpot which can grow to become huge, it is little wonder that Mega Joker is still so popular despite being around for five years now.


In Mega Joker, there are no bonus features of note and the graphics are pretty basic as it is a classic slot. Still, the combination of supreme RTP and a random jackpot is a surefire winner among players who like to play very simple slots at the online casinos.


Monopoly Big Event


Monopoly Big Event is a phenomenal slot from Barcrest that has some unique features, great bonuses as well as the highest RTP percentage on an Internet-based slot – 99%. To be clear, this RTP only counts for when you are playing in the big bet mode.


This phenomenal slot is full of sticky wilds, multipliers, extra wilds as well as free spins. If you are a high-stakes player who is looking for a slot with huge win potential and an unbeatable RTP, look no further: Monopoly Big Event is what you want to be playing.


Ooh Aah Dracula


Ooh Aah Dracula, which is also by Barcrest, is an interesting slot because it offers players the opportunity to play in two different game modes. Players can:


  • Buy a total of five spins of the reels for a reduced price, which will have an RTP of 96%, or
  • Spend a bit more for five spins at an RTP of 99%.


What’s more, players of this online slot can take advantage of very lucrative free spins rounds which will see you enjoying 15 free spins with additional benefits, such as extra wilds.


There may not be a bonus game on this online slot, but with a jackpot of up to 5,000x your line bet, you will have no shortage of fun as you spin the reels!