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An Introduction to Golden Derby Online Horse Racing Game from NetEnt

Golden Derby is an online horse racing game. It essentially simulates the real life horse racing environment and betting system. After you have placed your bets you watch a horse racing sequence and receive a payout depending on your wagers. This is a very innovative concept from the game developer, Net Entertainment.

The wager limit starts at 0.50, with a maximum wager of 100 being possible. The average Return To Player stands at 93.01%. Since the game tries to bring live horse racing home, the graphics of the betting lobby and the horse race look amazing. The sound really captures the atmosphere of the live event. It brings an accurate and fun horse racing experience to players.

How to Play Golden Derby

When you start a game of Golden Derby, you are presented with the wager screen as in the scenario of cricket betting at On the left hand side is a list of all the horses that will be taking part in the race. Next to their names you will see that particular horse’s winning odds. Next to the odds you will find three boxes you can tick. These represent what place you predict the horse to finish in.

You can mark 1st place, 1st or 2nd place and finally 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The final bet options are at the bottom of the screen. You will see a tab marked Quinella and Exacta. The exacta wager option allows you to name who will be first and who will be second, the Quinella wager is simply picking the top two finishers.

How to Make Wagers in Golden Derby

Once you have selected your picks for who will win, you can click on the Bet amount tab. Here you can adjust how much you wager on each of your picks. The menu will also helpfully display what your pay out will be for that wager.

To further help your choices, you can click on the Race Form tab at the top of the screen; this will display the horse’s performance in the last five races. Once you have completed your wagering you can click start race. You will now be taken to a new screen displaying the race in action.

Real Money Wagers in Golden Derby

Golden Derby allows players to make real money wagers in game. This essentially means you can play fun and simple horseracing on your desktop pc at home. In order to make real money wagers you must first join an online casino that offers Golden Derby for play. Then you simply sign up and register at the online casino to be able to make your first cash deposit into your account. You can use this account to make real money wagers in Golden Derby.

The Golden Derby Progressive Jackpot

Golden Derby features a progressive jackpot system. All players who are online and playing for real money will contribute a small percentage of their winnings to the progressive jackpot. This jackpot pays out more money the more people are playing. To get this jackpot, players must have a race finish in the specific order determined by the Progressive Jackpot.