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The NBA Betting Introduced to Punters Online

The National Basketball Association, commonly referred to as the NBA, is the premier basketball league in the USA, and is often seen as the most influential league worldwide. Given its massive audience and high-intensity action, NBA games are enormously popular for sports bettors to bet on. Indeed, NBA betting is largely considered the second largest sports in the sport betting world. This is despite the difficulty of betting on NBA games due to the extreme score fluctuations.

The NBA offers 83 regular season games per team competing, giving sports bettors many opportunities to place their bets.

Types of NBA Bets

As in most sports, there are many types of bets available for sports bettors to play. The most popular ones include money lines, point spreads, and totals.

The money line bets are not extremely popular in NBA betting, but they are the simplest bets to play. In money line bets, bettors choose which team they believe will win the game. Generally, money line bets are only worth it if bettors choose to bet on the underdog and have some good fortune in doing so.

A more popular type of bet in NBA betting is the point spread. Here, the underdog of the match will generally get an advantage that can be anything from three to ten points. These additional points are given to the underdog team even before the game begins so as to give the weaker team an advantage and thus make the actual betting scenario more interesting.

Another popular bet used in NBA betting is the totals bet, which can be either an over bet or an under bet. Here, the oddsmaker will select a total number of goals to determine what they think will be the outcome of the game. Sports bettors at the sites like can then place a bet of whether they think the actual number of points in the game will be under what the oddsmaker has predicted or over what the oddsmaker has predicted.

The Riskier Bets

The above bets are the more standard bets, but there are more risky NBA bets available. These include parlays, where bettors select a minimum of two totals, a money line, or a point spread bet to create a combination equalling one total bet. All of the selections must win before the bettor can earn a profit. Teasers are similar to parlays but are also risky bets as bettors need to have all of the bets correctly. However, in teasers, the bettor will be allowed to adjust the point spread or totals to slightly minimise their risk.

Live NBA betting apps are also popular, particularly outside of the USA, where bettors place their bets during the live game. This is usually done online.

Prop bets allow bettors to place bets that are not directly dependent on the outcome of a particular game, but include factors such as an individual player’s number of points. These are more creative bets and can often be very profitable.

Another common though riskier bet is the futures bet. Here sports bettors bet on an outcome that is set for a future date, such as predicting who will win a championship without even knowing who will make it to the final.