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The NRL is the main rugby league in Australia and New Zealand. The league consists of teams from both countries, who play a series of games throughout the season, which ends in a final. Of the sixteen teams, fifteen of them are based in Australia and one in New Zealand. The NRL is regarded as the world’s most elite rugby championship, and is watched by spectators and punters from all over the world. The National Rugby League is Australia’s top level domestic rugby league club competition. It contains clubs from the original Sydney club Rugby League competition, which had been running continuously since 1908.

Placing a Wager

Placing a wager on the NRL can be done online from pretty much wherever you are based. If you make use of a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, wagering can be done online if you have a suitable internet connection. Finding a site with which to place a wager is extremely easy, as there are a very large number of them which cater for punters from all over the world. You can also visit this website: When choosing your site, make sure that they offer good customer care in English, as well as being contactable 24 hours a day.

Other Services

Many online betting NZ sites offer various other services as well as simply placing a wager. There are often in depth write ups on teams, as well as league fixtures. Tipsters are people who are employed by online betting sites to provide tips and strategies on betting on the NRL. These people have taken into account how the teams have been playing in the past, as well as how they fare against each other. Professional tipsters are always good to read, but make sure to do some of your own homework before simply trusting something that someone says.

Simple Wagers

There are a number of simple wagers that one can place on a game during the NRL season. These include a win or a head to head bet, an over under bet and an in game bet. A head to head is the basic bread and butter of the wagering world. This is a bet on simply who will win a match. This bet is conducted before a match, often by people who are less experienced in the betting or rugby world.

An over under bet is placed on the final score of the match, adding both teams’ scores together. A bookie will make up what he thinks the combined score will be, and the punter has to make an educated guess as to whether it will be over or under what the bookie predicted. This sounds like a simple bet, but if you don’t know how the teams play and how they fare against each other, it may not be as simple as it seems.

An in game bet is a bet on an event, which may happen in the game. Examples of this include who may score the next try or conversion. These bets are accepted while the game is being played, which means that punters have to keep up to date with what is happening in the game if they wish to place these bets.

More Complicated Wagers

Complicated wagers in the NRL include futures betting, as well as margins. Futures betting is done before the game is played, and the earlier you get your correct wager in the more lucrative it will be. This is a set of wagers on how you think the teams will perform in the future. This is of course also best done with a good knowledge of the teams.