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Legit Reasons Why Mobile Betting Is Best

Mobile betting is the future, and if you haven’t realised this yet it’s time to wake up. These days everything is available online at the touch of a button and it’s advancing our society in unprecedented ways. From dating to trading on the stock market to watching films and other online content, smartphone technology has made so many things instantly accessible. Now maybe the idea of online dating is scary, and maybe you’d prefer to read a book than a PDF, but when it’s betting, having what you need in your palm can only be beneficial.

Here’s a list of reasons as to why you should go mobile with your sports betting.


This is the most obvious but also most under-appreciated facet of Mobile Betting, you can literally do it anywhere – a quiet moment in the office, on the subway, at the bar or even at the game. This mobility also allows for real-time analysis as all it takes to check the markets, or your betting sheet is a quick change of tabs on your phone.

Being able to bet anywhere, anytime, means you don’t have to worry about queues at the local sportsbooks, being late to a match or missing out on important information. Sports betting sites are now starting to cater specifically to smartphone users rather than desktop users, and the apps developed by these sites run much faster than traditional sites.

Under The Radar

Sports betting waits for no man… or board meeting. Sometimes staying on top of the game is a difficult thing to achieve when life’s getting in the way. With mobile sports betting, you don’t have to worry about your boss seeing you open a large betting website on the desktop in front of you. You could simply be responding to a WhatsApp message or setting an alarm for the next day. Mobile sports betting is discreet, accessible and requires only a few moments of screen time in between other activities. I worked in a high-end environment for a few years where everyone was secretly betting on the same game during a workday, and it only came out afterward. No one got into any trouble, as my supervisor had been betting on the same game!


The opposite of discreet, but if you’re sports betting from home, you can use your desktop monitor to keep track of scores and markets while using your phone to keep track of your betting sheet, or the other way round. You can link these apps from your desktop to your mobile with little effort and start a one-man betting powerhouse. If you’re watching the game on your widescreen TV, you’ll soon have a mini-NASA base of a setup, and your earnings will be reaching the moon.

So, there you have it, just a few reasons why you should move across to sports betting today! There’s a whole new world available to those who have luck and knowledge on their side, and in the information era you should have a lot of the latter.