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Reasons Why eSports Betting Is Growing So Fast

eSports is the latest sport with incredible variety and growth. At times though, it would seem that eSports betting is growing at a rate larger than the sport itself. In the below we will look into a few reasons for the rapid growth of eSports betting.


In itself, eSports offers some great advantages over traditional sports betting. The biggest advantage in this vain would be variety. With well over 50 recognised eSports titles to date and more being added as new games launch, variety is the flavour of life. As a bettor you have the opportunity to select a game you understand and are comfortable with, if you wish to take it a step further, the sky is the limit.

Fast Pace

Majority of the games available in eSports will have rounds that last less than an hour. Winners usually become clear within the first 15 minutes of a game. ESports offers high pace action whether its real-time strategy, first-person shooter or sports based games. Live betting does exist and sometimes thrives in the eSports world. it is, however, more difficult to find as most sportsbooks are unable to offer live betting on games with this nature of fast pace and

Similar Experience

While a few bettors have been in professional sports, it’s safe to say that most avid punter have not played the game to the level on which they are betting. In eSports though, that is a thing of the past. Having a decent PC/console could have you playing the exact same games as the eSports professionals in a matter of hours. When trying to gain knowledge on a game, learn the ins and outs to perfect your betting strategies, there is no better way than playing the game yourself. While this doesn’t always stand with the nature of sport based games or first person shooters, in real time strategy games this will be especially beneficial to any bettors.

Easier Research

With live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook live, live streaming has become a norm in the gaming industry. Most professional players will partake in live streaming in some capacity which will greatly aid your research. Imagine it as being able to watch test matches on almost a daily basis. You get to see the players strategy and play style, this coupled with some knowledge of the game will lead to a much more successful betting experience.


Within a few of the main eSports titles is an extra world of cosmetics betting. This is treating in game cosmetics as a wager when making a prediction. This may seem a bit outlandish to those who have not seen the CS:GO skins market. For a small example, in 2016 more than $5 billion worth of skins were wagered on outcomes of eSports matches. With the record for the most expensive single CS:GO skin selling for an incredible $150,000.00 its understandable why the skin betting market has grown to incredible heights in the last few years.